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Creating a Successful Student Mentor Program

Geoffrey Radant

July 20, 2022 at 11:00:00 PM

Cabrillo Hall Room 102

Geoffrey Radant

Creating a Successful Student Mentor Program: How to empower students, establish a culture of empathy and service leadership, and raise achievement program wide.

In a perfect world, EVERY student in your program would take weekly private lessons from a professional educator/musician… or, you as the Director could dedicate at least 30 minutes of individual instruction to EVERY student EVERY week. For most educators, these scenarios don’t exist, so how do we do more for our students and build success with limited resources and time? Peer Mentorship!

In this session, we will focus on HOW to build a successful, meaningful culture of student (peer) mentorship in your program where students at all levels are engaged and committed to the achievement and success of others. It doesn’t matter if you have a program of 30 or 300 students, establishing a successful Student Mentor program is a game changer. Your students will be more engaged, more active in service leadership, and drive the future success of the program! In a time when music educators face dwindling resources and numbers, more demanding Parents, and students with high levels of anxiety, a strong Mentor Program can make a significant, positive impact for you and your students. With proven results over the past 10 years (even through distance learning!), you will learn you how to start, maintain, and grow a mentor program at your school.

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