San Diego County Solo & Ensemble Festival

Saturday May 19, 2018

12p.m.- 5p.m.
Cuyamaca College

900 Rancho San Diego Parkway

El Cajon, CA 92019

The San Diego County Solo & Ensemble Festival provides music students of San Diego with the opportunity to perform solos and chamber music and to receive feedback from a renowned panel of judges. In addition, the top student performances from the day will be invited to perform in the evening showcase performance in the beautiful Cuyamaca College Performing Arts Theater.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solo & Ensemble Festival?

A Solo & Ensemble Festival is an event which provides student musicians the opportunity to perform solos and chamber music. The musicians perform for a judge who is a highly trained musician able to provide advice and coaching as well as a rating. Students are given feedback and a rating in writing as well as a short clinic from the judge following their performance.

What are the ratings that judges provide?

The ratings given by judges are based on a 5 point scale, with 1 being the highest. A rating of 1 or Superior means the student played accurately and with exceptional musicality. A rating of 2 or Excellent means the student played accurately with some musicality. A rating of 3 or Good means the student performed mostly accurately but significant errors were made and musicality was limited. A rating of 4 or Fair means there were significant errors which greatly impacted the performance. A rating of 5 or Poor means the errors made in the performance were significant enough to limit the judge's ability to provide musical feedback.

How long should students perform?

Each student who registers gets a 10 minute time slot with a maximum performance time of 7 minutes. That allows the judge to provide some feedback in writing and some brief comments for the student. For older students who are performing larger works it is recommended you register for a double time slot (20 minutes, 14 min max performance time) which will allow plenty time for larger works.

What music can be performed?

Any piece for a soloist or small ensemble up to roughly 15 musicians is appropriate for a performance. You do need to have an original copy of the music to give to the judge and it is recommended that students work with their music teacher or private instructor to select a piece that is appropriate for them.

Is it required for students to have an accomanist?

No but it is highly recommended. If you need help finding an accompanist email and we can provide you with a list of rcommended accompanists.