Take 5 for Music  means 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 5 years.

Take 5 for Music introduces young people to great works of classical music while they develop good listening skills and habits.  Using a series of CDs and creative scripts, pieces of music are played at the same time each day, five days a week, throughout the school year.  Designed for students in grades K-8.


An integral part of the program is repeated listening: by listening to the same piece of music each day students get to learn about the composers, historical context and classical art while improving listening skills and habits. They are listening and not just hearing the music.



·         Belief in the power of the music of fine composers

·         Trust in the value of repeated listening to the same composition

·         Recognize the composer as a vital, creative person possessing skill and imagination 


·         Place the work of fine composers in the daily routine of children

·         Connect children to composers and the creative process in music

·         Have children learn that composers create music by using musical ideas in interesting ways

·         Develop a life-long interest in listening to music

·         Create better listeners and learners

COST OF THE PROGRAM is $300 and includes a comprehensive resource book with a list of 131 musical selections organized by composer, daily scripts for each musical selection, extension activities and a set of NAXOS CDs containing all musical selections. Only one set of materials is needed for each school and can be used for many years (using the school’s PA system or approved means of delivery to classrooms). 



Erin Zoumaras, Curriculum Coordinator 

take 5 for music