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Music Memory

Music Memory is designed to give the life-long gift of love for music of the Western tradition through an in-depth study of 16 selections per year.  Music that students will hear the rest of their lives is carefully chosen for appropriateness from five major historical periods— Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary. Prominent composers of orchestral, vocal, choral, keyboard and jazz pieces are featured. The curriculum is presented in an aural-visual format that enhances success in recognizing the major themes and remembering the names and composers of the selections. Building on this initial learning, there are many opportunities for deepening knowledge through extension activities. 


This nationally recognized listening-based program that has become a phenomenon across the country made its debut in San Diego County in September 2008.  Music Memorygives children in 3rd- 6th grades the opportunity to learn 16 pieces of beautiful music each year. Students completing all four years are able to identify and appreciate 64 pieces of music! They also have the opportunity to attend live orchestra concerts where they are tested on their knowledge and receive awards for their hard work. 

To learn more about the National Music Memory Program Click Here


Standards aligned curriculum that helps children:

  • Listen and respond actively to music

  • Acquire knowledge of music terms and definitions

  • Learn about composers, periods they live in and the cultural significance of their music

  • Make connections from the music to other disciplines

  • Enjoy a meaningful cultural experience with their peers

San Diego Winds Provides

Music Memory Training for Teachers:

San Diego Winds provides specialized training sessions, AT NO COST, for all teachers who participate in the Music Memory program.  Each teacher then works with a pre-packaged education packet that includes Music Maps, recordings, lesson plans, and more. 

Music Memory "Music Bee" Countywide Finals:

Schools participating in the Music Memory Program are invited, AT NO CHARGE, to send five-member teams (along with classmate cheering sections) to participate in the Music Bee, a countywide finals competition featuring excerpts and fragments performed onstage by a live orchestra.


Sample Lesson


Sample lesson coming soon!

For questions contact our Curriculum Coordinator

Erin Zoumaras

Cost of the Program

Teaching materials may be purchased directly through the publisher. There are various packages available ranging from $75-$360. San Diego Winds is happy to help facilitate the purchase of curriculum materials and provides subsidies to help with cost when possible. For more information contact Erin Zoumaras. 

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