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Our goal is to provide the best professional development experience you will have at little or no expense to you. That's why you can register for RAMP now without paying a dime. We will follow up with your district or school and request funding to cover your tuition at RAMP. 

To register now without paying anything up front, click the Register Now button and choose the "Request funding from my district" option under payment at the end of the form. 

Ryan Anthony Music Project

Tuesday July 19th to Friday July 22nd 

The Ryan Anthony Music Project (RAMP) is one of the most exciting professional development opportunities available today. RAMP features a conducting symposium, traditional conference sessions, a brand new concept called the teaching lab and musical performances all presented by world class musicians and educators. All this while not having to pay anything up front, we will get the funding for you. Will you be at RAMP this summer? Tony Maiello, Travis Cross, Gary Hill, John Carnahan, Anthony Kim will be.